Countdown Motueka

Countdown Motueka

  • Motueka, Tasman
  • Design & Project Architect: Brendon Monk

The challenge of this project was to convert a mix-mash of several old buildings into a larger supermarket development that could respond to the small scale intimate character of the Motueka town centre. The building was to be built right to the street corner boundaries.

To complicate the design process, mid-way through construction the Fresh Choice operators were bought out by Countdown. Construction halted while a new and very different design brief was prepared. Brendon had to alter the design to accommodate a significantly larger extension and layout, while trying to fit in with what had been built to date.

The overriding concept was to activate the street edge with a sense of modern form and transparency on a human scale.

This project was designed by Brendon during his time at Arthouse Architecture.