Victory Primary Library

Victory Primary Library

  • Nelson
  • Photos: John-Paul Pochin
  • WINNER: 2012 Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects

Victory Primary School’s approach to learning and community has become an example and inspiration to schools throughout New Zealand and is at the heart of the positive growth of the wider Victory community where Brendon was living at the time.

This library and resource centre was one of several projects that were to transform the school’s built environment to better represent its strong and unique culture.

A tight budget led to the creative re-use and re-shuffle of an old local technical institute prefab building and the use of second hand materials in selected areas. This allowed the school to preserve funds for some yet to come new parts of the overall redevelopment.

A palette of materials, colours and vegetation was established including stained plywood, grey Colorsteel, unpainted timber poles, tuatara symbols and specific cultural patterns and colours.

This project was designed by Brendon during his time at Arthouse Architecture.