• Auckland
  • Design - In progress

Taharoto Apartments

Taha = (noun) side, margin, edge, bank (of a river), beside

Roto = (noun) lake OR (noun) wetlands, swamp

The design concept for this multi-unit residential development takes cues from the meaning of its place name. Elements symbolising grass reeds, water and floating waka form the basis of the design concept.

The main entry is via a 5 story glass mezzanine, turning the main stairwell into a showpiece to help encourage use of the stairs over the lift. Each level of the main stairs looks out through a cascading glass curtain wall to the main street.

The 20 apartments are a mix of one, two and three bedroom units. The ground floor has shared meeting / lounge facilities for business and entertaining.

Each apartment has balconies with sliding sun and privacy screens.  The screens will  create flora patterns up the side of the building, and will let through sculptural light and shadow.