Estuary View House

Estuary View House

  • Mapua, Tasman
  • Under construction

This house (under construction) is set on an orchard overlooking the Waimea Estuary. The family wanted an economical but cool looking house that could could respond to both the relaxing views over the estuary and also deal with the noise from a nearby main highway. The house will have a single simple but strong form extending out from a concrete sound barrier wall, reaching upwards toward the north east as the ground slopes gently away. The form and materials are influenced by the idea of  a sleek “modern shed”.

Timber windows will be maximized on the north and east facing sides whilst almost completely cut out to the south and west.

The kitchen and dining areas will open to a sheltered and covered deck with an multipurpose room adjacent.  With mid-century modern inspiration, the living room is sunken down with built in seating wrapping around a cozy fire and extending across to a large window seat at deck level.

Check back in for regular progress pics!