Photo shoot with Oliver

Photo shoot with Oliver

Nelson Bays photographer Oliver Weber  did a photo shoot at Tasman View house recently. The weather seemed a bit fickle, but the clouds and mist hovering around the plains below worked in our favour I think. The result was some stunning images. Here’re are a few extra shots not added to the project page.

The entry path flows from outside to inside with no change in level. In the spirit of “Genkan”, the entry then steps up to the main floor level.

I like how Oliver captured the even balance of the lighting so well.

The sliding storage doors are custom made following the themes of Japanese architecture, infused with a bit of a nautical theme.

A nice shot balancing the solid mass of the house on one side with the total void of the distant view on the other.

The sliding screens can be used to enclose the interior and part of the deck (engawa) with the doors wide open.

The illuminated large round porthole again hints at the nautical theme and provides a sculptural outdoor seat.